Hearing Loss Effects

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Effects of Hearing Loss

Studies confirm that non-treatment of hearing impairment causes many negative effects to those who suffer from it. These effects include

Social Impact: The tendency towards social isolation as people suffering from hearing loss are forced to make great effort throughout the day to hear others, which is very stressful and may anger them.

  • The feeling of frustration, depression and the desire for isolation even from loved ones due to the patient’s inability to communicate with them easily.
  • Deprivation of many precious daily moments such as seeing or talking to friends over the phone or listening to favourite radio shows.
  • Increased personal safety risks to the patient suffering from hearing loss due to poor attention and loss of one of the most important means of comprehension.

Functional Impact: Hearing impairment has negative effects on the function of the person suffering from it. The patient

  • Develops a sense of embarrassment about being unable to hear co-workers normally, making it difficult to participate in work meetings.
  • Suffers from decreased job performance as a result of his sense of poor performance in work and not completing it efficiently. Thus, the patient begins to consider quitting his job, which negatively affects his financial conditions.

Impact on Language Acquisition: According to audiologists, hearing loss is associated with memory impairment and learning disability, especially in children. It is obvious that language skills are primarily based on the ability to hear, which means language delays in children are due to their hearing impairment. Thus, the greater the degree of hearing loss, the longer the linguistic delay.

Impact on Academic Achievement: Hearing impairment is very detrimental to the ability to collect information. When hearing drops to dangerously low levels, it leads to an inability to listen to the teacher or actively participate in classroom discussions. These low achievement levels also severely limit future career options for people with hearing impairment.

Economic Impact: Hearing loss can lead to embarrassment and frustration, which may cause failure in work and inability to complete it properly, ultimately leading to limited professional performance. A person with hearing loss may have to resign because he cannot meet job requirements. This eventually leads to a decline in the economic situation of the hearing-impaired person.

There is no doubt that the negative effects mentioned above pose a serious danger to those with hearing loss. These effects motivate them to accelerate the search for the most appropriate hearing aids in the hope of restoring their smiles and enjoying normal lives with their community members.