Hearing Loss in Children

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Hearing Loss in Children

Hearing impairment is a common problem among children around the world, but most of these children can hear normally with proper treatment. There is no doubt that your child can enjoy life as much as possible, and we will work alongside you to make your child’s future brighter.

Hearing impairment sometimes manifests at birth and is due to genetic factors. Sometimes it is developed as a result of exposure to loud noises or illness.

Here are some common signs of hearing loss in children and infants. If you notice any of the following signs, your child needs to be examined by taking a hearing test:

  • The infant does not react in response to frequent sounds
  • The child has delayed speech and language development
  • The child does not notice the presence of people in the room unless he sees them
  • The child sits extremely close to the television and listens to it at a high volume