Hearing Solutions

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Hearing Solutions

Al Madina Hearing is an exclusive agent of the Swiss company Phonak, a leading global company in the hearing aid industry. Phonak has earned its valued position through ongoing efforts to develop and produce creative hearing solutions and by accessing the best innovations in that field. Phonak produces high quality hearing aids suitable for all types and degrees of hearing loss, lifestyles, age groups and financial capabilities. Additionally, the company produces digital hearing aids such as Roger devices and various wireless accessories that work together with hearing aids to overcome hearing challenges in various acoustic environments.

What Are Hearing Aids?

Hearing aids are based on sound amplification which enables hearing loss patients to hear the surrounding sounds in a better and more accurate manner. Thus, they can interact with their external environments without hindrance and carry out their daily lives normally.

The main goal of all hearing aids is to amplify sound, enabling patients to hear it easily regardless of the type or style of the hearing aid.

There are different types of hearing aids, and each type has a specific use based on the person’s type and degree of hearing loss. A hearing aid is a small device that picks up the sound and then sends it into the ear. It contains a microphone, an amplifier and a speaker. The microphone receives sound waves and converts them into electrical signals. Then, it sends them to the amplifier, which increases the power of the electrical signals and sends them to the inner ear through the speaker.